who we are

About us

AUROTEK is a brand based in Portugal with global projection, with great experience and specialized in the design and manufacture of electric bicycles, convertible trailers for children, helmets, electric scooters and accessories for sport and leisure. Respectful and committed to the environment that help change our lifestyle, our way of moving, making it healthier and 100% ecological, with ZERO emissions and ZERO noises.

Our goal is to lead our market, offering in our products all technological advances, high safety, quality, ease of use and modern design

We actively seek and develop new products, with stable and sustainable development, constantly testing and improving them.

For social responsibility, we pay close attention to environmental protection, energy savings and emission reductions.

Our products have obtained the label “CARBON LEVEL” and we manufacture only in factories labeled “GREEN FACTORY”.

We seek to progress and move forward with our customers, take care of the satisfaction of the purchase, the experience of use and a very special way of after-sales service.

Future mobility

Maximum technology and quality · Respectful with the environment · Zero emissions · Two years guarantee · Delivery guarantee